On this occasion we bring you some reflections from our colleague at Axpe Consulting José Ramón Santos on quantum cryptography.


Quantum cryptography will represent a qualitative leap of great dimensions with respect to the cryptography known to date and will promote the development of new cryptographic systems.

It is not mature enough to be used in practice but it will be a matter of time.

The principles of quantum encryption are purely physical and do not have an algorithmic or mathematical load, compared to symmetric encryption (based on substitution and transposition operations) or asymmetric encryption (based on the computational impossibility of inverting mathematical formulas).



They are based on the physical properties of photons of light, in particular the polarization property and the double wave-particle nature of light.


Knowledge of Quantum Physics is necessary to understand its postulates.


In quantum communication experiments carried out with fiber optics, it is seen that the signals are degraded in transmission, which limits the range to about 200 kilometers. The alternative is to use satellite links, since in this way the photons travel most of the time in a vacuum and can travel much greater distances.


These systems will be able to carry out cryptanalysis processes with much greater power than the current ones and will threaten the robustness of systems based on the computational complexity of their operations or on the millions of combinations that must be analyzed.


Such is the threat that there is already talk of what post-quantum cryptography will be like (in terms of process systems) and whether cryptography will disappear, at least as we know it today.

Axpe Consulting still from the non-quantum approach; provides Cybersecurity coverage to its clients both in cryptographic matters, such as hacking or regulations of Information Security Management Systems.


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