Within our network of Technology Expert Clusters, we started the headquarters in Salamanca, which joins the rest of the Axpe Consulting offices, and we do it in a big way, with the desire to fill it with the best technology professionals, people who want to do of his professional career a technological adventure of reference.

At Axpe Consulting we are carrying out a transformation of the company, betting on technological specialization as its pillar.

We have defined an ecosystem of IT specialization that revolves around a Network of Clusters of Experts (CoE) where we make available the greatest talent in the fields of DevOps and Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence and Application Modernization, the latter encompassing an End-2- End of definition of products and services, where we work on the Digital User Experience, the design of products and services oriented to customers and businesses, and multichannel.

Within this line, and with the aim of having physical spaces where our experts can innovate and deepen their technological expertise, at Axpe Consulting we have technological specialization offices.

We are celebrating, this May we have inaugurated the Axpe Consulting Technological Specialization office in Salamanca, where we will have a physical space so that our technology professionals can go to work, chat and innovate in their technological specialization.

We start focused on professionals from the Application Modernization Cluster, where we have professionals from the technological fields of:

  • Digital User Experience. UX/UI, Digital Marketing.
  • New generation architectures. Microservices, Microfronts, Event Oriented Architectures, Cloud Architectures and Integration Architectures.
  • Apification and Integration. A highly qualified team in defining Apification strategies, aimed at defining customer-centric products and services, as well as covering the entire life cycle of APIs and events.
  • Multichannel, where the front-mobile composition makes it possible to provide the best access channels to products and services, taking into account the digital user experience and their definition.

But we are not staying here. Our goal for the technological specialization office in Salamanca is to have experts from the Cloud&Devops and Data&IA clusters, creating an ecosystem of experts from all the technology areas in which we are focused.

Along with this, and with the focus on being able to provide 360 ​​vision and value to the entire cycle of Axpe’s technological proposal, the technology office will have professionals from the operations and O&D areas, closing the complete cycle of acquisition, management operational and high technological specialization.

The new office is an open space in the business and cultural heart of Salamanca. It is located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor, between it and Plaza España, and a 15-minute walk from the Salamanca train station.

The office has 120 meters of technological innovation, two meeting rooms and two large windows from where you can observe and spend time on that innovative reflection that differentiates the best professionals from high-value experts.

That you will not forget! Located in the best area of ​​Salamanca, Calle Toro, one of the arteries of the city that connects, in a pedestrian way, the main roads with the heart of the city: the Plaza Mayor de Salamanca, at Axpe Consulting we are committed to the best technological talent and we provide a physical space where you can talk, innovate and work in the best areas of technological specialization.

Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Data, Apification, Product Design and User Experience… terms on which we will debate and work from the new headquarters of Axpe Consulting.

Axpe and Salamanca, bet on the best technological talent in a charming city, with universities and people who want to make technology their way of life.