DevOps & QA & ALM.

Developing the concept of software application helps to increase the process of the result. Knowing such sections of tools and coding deploys to increase the rate of the result. Most of the companies prefer to use the DevOps for their growth of the application process.

  • DevOps Mainframe
  • QA Automattion. Syntehtic Testing
  • Ad-Hox Self-service /self-supply platforms. Reporting (degree of AL;M adoption of products)
  • Reltated metrics. and OKRs’s (Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, MTTR-Mean Time, etc.)
  • DevSecOps Tools and Continuous Security
  • NetDevOps CICD Pipelines
  • Ansible Network Automation
  • DelOps
  • Simulation of local environments based on Dockers
  • Autoscaling in Kubernetes based in metrics (requests vs. use)