At Axpe Consulting we have a top-level team for the definition and implementation of the necessary metrics for the proper governance of financial entities, as well as their reporting to regulators.

We collaborate with our clients from the definition of the processes for generating financial information and regulatory reporting, as well as the models for measuring profitability and business planning, and we intervene in the technological implementation required for its correct start-up.

Additionally, we have developed specific services to respond to the particular needs of the financial sector. We especially highlight those related to Wholesale Banking activities (Treasury, Capital Markets, Asset Management, etc.), management of financial business risks (market, credit and operational), optimization of own resources consumed, as well as compliance of applicable regulations.

Our service offer

  • Reporting to the Management and Dashboards.
  • Adaptation to new accounting regulations, both international (IFRS-s) and local.
  • Government models of information and quality of financial data.
  • Support in transformation processes of finance processes, improving efficiency, control, quality and systems.
  • Budgeting, P&L projection models/volumes in different scenarios.
  • Validation and implementation of position management tools, as well as the calculation of P&L and sensitivities for derivative products.
  • Credit risks.
  • Market risks.
  • Structural risks (interest rate, currency and liquidity).
  • Operational risk.
  • Provisions.
  • Economic and regulatory capital.
  • Capital planning and stress test.
  • Organization and Governance of the Risk function.